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I’m Barbara, and I’m so glad you’re here. I love creating scrumptious, high-quality Southern desserts for people who enjoy baking.

I’m going to help you create luscious classic Southern dessert recipes that your kids will pass down to theirs. You’ll be the queen of Banana Pudding at your next potluck or family gathering and just wait until they try your peach cobbler!

I believe desserts make people happy and as a busy attorney, wife and mother I don’t think homemade desserts mean long hours in the kitchen. That’s why many of the recipes like Brownie Pie can be prepared with just a few ingredients and with no fancy decorating skills needed  

You’ll find Iconic Southern desserts like Kentucky Butter Cake and Banana Pudding along with some variations on the classics.

Y’all, Southern desserts are the best, you’re going to love discovering, or rediscovering, how Southerners can take simple ingredients and create a dessert that will get all the oohs and aahs. 

I’ll help you prepare high-quality, Southern desserts that you and your friends and family will love, because in the South we’re all about sharing with friends. 

I started this blog as a sister site to Butter & Baggage where I have shared over 700 Southern recipes using fresh ingredients – no canned soup in my casseroles! To compliment all those amazing dinner recipes, I wanted a site devoted to the best part of any meal – dessert!

Here you’ll find

  • Show stopper desserts with that “special something” to stand out from the crowd, like Black Forest Pie.
  • Comfort food with a Southern flare of course – Banana Pudding please.
  • Pies are my favorite, so you’ll find all varieties, cream, fruit, no bake.
  • Baking Tips and tricks for getting the flakiest pie crusts and softening butter when you forgot to let it come to room temperature – woops.
  • Desserts you can be proud to take to potlucks, cook-outs or dinner parties knowing they’ll turn out perfectly every time. 
  • Fresh seasonal ingredients that are abundant in the South like peaches, strawberries and pecans, or maybe “peecans” as some call them around here. 
  • All easy to make recipes that you can make at home without any special skills. 
  • I’ve lived in the South my entire life so you may see a few “Y’alls” and  a “bless your heart” here or there. 

Desserts have been a passion of mine since I first started baking snickerdoodles in high school from my mothers Betty Crocker cookbook. After my first failed banana pie recipe gleaned from Seventeen Magazine, my quest for making pies and desserts was born.

As luck would have it, I was blessed with a mother-in-law who loved to cook as much as I did and didn’t mind my sometimes-disastrous experiments in her kitchen – an apple stack cake comes to mind.

As my skills improved, many of the desserts I made became popular with my family and friends. I love gathering loved ones together around the table, sharing good food and creating memories and I always offer to bring a dessert!

How to Guides

Baking can be tricky sometimes. You won’t have to make some of the mistakes I did with these helpful guides:

My official taste testers are my husband, our two daughters, and our new son-in-law, who are in and out as young adult life dictates. I refer to them often, as they are my best critics and also the pickiest eaters I know. I am always amazed when I make something that all of them like.

They miss homemade desserts, and so you’ll find suggestions for what type of desserts will ship well and some that don’t.

Thanks for stopping by, grab a glass of Sweet Tea and enjoy!

If you are interested in my editorial policies, I share what’s important to me and what goes into writing this blog.

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